Event description

Digital Marketing Intermediate Course geared to both novice and experienced sales professionals. It focuses on customer relationship building as an integral part of the sales process. This approach is grounded in the paradigm that every market’s consumer base is finite. Therefore a funnel theory approach of “customer in and customer out”, is counterproductive on the long term.

Order processing, performance metrics, understanding the sales cycle, goal setting and the 9 steps sales process are the main parts of the workshop. Productivity is key to all successful professionals; therefore we’ve incorporated a time management module.

With the aid of our communication and interpersonal skills modules, the participants will build their capacity to better understand their prospects and colleagues as people and confidently navigate through challenging interactions and negotiations.

In order to build situational influence skills and become confident communicators, we rely on many interaction based exercises & role play so the participants understand, digest and practice the theory.

In essence, the goal of the workshop is to bring structure to the sales practice, teach a useful, easy to use, set of skills and relationship building practices that will empower the participants to excel in their role as their brand’s representatives in the market their company serves.


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Until 20 Jun,2017



  • 1- The course syllabus may change within reason due to the introduction of updated material, time restraints or other similar factors.
  • 2- The course is taught in English and Arabic.