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Lead to CHANGE, Innovative Change and Leadership Coaching Program

Innovation is NOT restricted to technology and science. Innovation in management and leadership can have greater impact on business performance. This Program will encourage managers and leaders to innovative in their own business, and then lead the growth. The Program includes interactive workshops that will create interest & unleash thinking of the leaders, and then refresh their experience with latest management techniques and share with them best practices. The Training will be delivered by International experts who will bring latest thinking and techniques to the program. After 4 days of interactive workshops, an improvement project shall be conducted by each manager at his work place, to be discussed and assessed by the coach at his own work place.

Program Design

  1. 4 Days Interactive Knowledge Transfer Workshops
  2. One Month Project @ Work
  3. 3 Days visit of the Coach to each Participant at his work place & asses the project and provide consulting guidance.

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Satisfied Customers

Picture1 Development 5 years strategy plan for mineral sector in Saudi Arabia as part of 7 international companies consortium - KSA
Picture2 Developing 5 years strategy plan, and implementation over 30 plus companies - Qatar
Picture3 Development of the organization’s paperless strategy & system - Qatar
Picture4 Joint Venture development for BOARMAN KANOO Mining Company - KSA
Picture5 Developing quality control system for visa card issuance in retail department - Qatar
Picture6 Support and consultancy services to acquire ISO 9001 - Jordan
Picture7 Coaching leaders at Labour Fund to enable them for implementing 3 years strategy - Bahrain
kingdom of bahrain ministry of labour Development of Quality assurance processes for the work visa system - Bahrain
Picture9 Economic research for enhancing international investments in - Qatar
Picture10 Conducting three advance workshop for senior management in Qatar Petroleum to create the awareness about LEAN management in Oil and Gas business - Qatar
Picture11 Lean optimization for all manufacturing processes in factory - Bahrain
Picture12 Conducting 2 days workshop for leaders to enable them handling change management in projects