Dr. Eng. Akram Karmoul

Dr. Eng. Akram Karmoul contributing to raise awareness among the public and the various departments and agencies on the importance of investment and investors; informing investors on how to deal with costumers and with laws and regulations in order to ensure the public interest and to support the national economy. Raising awareness on issues related to competitiveness and anti-monopoly, and protecting the interests of investors., Receiving complaints and following up on them, and representing investors before public and private sector institutions, the official authorities and the judiciary as well as defending the investors’ legitimate interests. Dr. Eng. Akram Karmoul is Chairman of Admin Board of National Association for Investors Protection (NAIP), and the Owner & Managing Director of Rawda Co.For Information Technology & e-Trade (e-RITT)

  • Company:National Association for Investor Protection (NAIP)
  • Short Bio:Chairman of Admin Board
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